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2016-05-12 09:34:21
Don't Fall Prey To A Moving Scam
Don't Fall Prey to a Moving Scam

There is so much to worry about when moving from one home to another—packing, unpacking, getting your valuables to their new location in one piece. One worry you don’t want to add to the pile is being scammed by a moving company. Such scams often result in having to pay thousands of additional dollars to have your belongings delivered. Avoid a moving scam and don't become a victim by following these tips.

Get several estimates: Talk to different movers – at least three or four – and get a price quote. The estimates should be roughly in the same ballpark. If one estimate is significantly lower, keep your guard up – this could be a potential scam, especially if the company asks for payment up front or refuses to put terms in writing. 

Speak to the mover, not the broker: A household goods broker arranges for an authorized mover to provide transportation but does not have trucks of its own. Additionally, a broker does not have authority to provide you an estimate on behalf of a specific moving company. If they do, it may not be binding, and you may get stuck paying a substantially higher price to the actual mover. 

Know what questions to ask: Make sure you get the following information: the business's full name and address; motor carrier (MC) and Department of Transportation (DOT) license numbers; phone numbers and an e-mail address; a copy of the firm’s insurance policy. Also ask to see a copy of the company’s insurance. Do not work with an unlicensed mover— it's illegal for them to transport your goods. Ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable, and don't sign anything you don't fully understand. 

Source: Yahoo! Homes


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