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2015-09-10 11:20:15
Become the Smartest Home on the Block

Become the Smartest Home on the Block

With technology changing the way households function, future buyers will want to keep up. If you're thinking about selling your home, consider an upgrade that incorporates smart home tech - you'll impress buyers and set yourself apart from competition in your neighborhood!

Commercial features are fast becoming the norm for residential homes, and buyers are taking notice. Soon, families will be able to prepare meals at home with restaurant-style ovens, blast chillers and other commercial grade machines. A commercial oven can whip up a meal 15 times faster than a conventional one!

Future buyers will also love hands-free appliances and cabinets and tech countertops. The hands-free options range all the way from a faucet with motion sensor technology to dishwashers that require just two knocks to open the door. Remote-controlled cabinets and countertops with charging stations built in are another sure bet.

And open-fire features, now popular with the Millennial generation, will become a staple in backyards. Ranging from outdoor pizza ovens to a free-standing fire pit, these fixtures are set to crop up on every buyer's wish list.

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