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2015-09-10 11:18:19
Beyond buying and selling how your agent can help

Beyond Buying and Selling: How Your Agent Can Help Beyond facilitating your buying or selling a home, professional real estate agents also should be able to provide a variety of additional services including financial advice, marketing, advertising, staging and so much more. Take a look at this list to see how else your trusted agent may be able to help you.

Determine the value of your home: A good real estate agent will give you an idea of your home’s value even if you're not a client. If you want a second opinion on the value of your home, talk to another agent. 

Locate your ideal neighborhood: Agents know what makes a neighborhood your kind of place. After all, being a reliable conduit of information brings them repeat business. 

Find some help mowing your lawn: Real estate agencies routinely help their clients keep their property clean and yards manicured — a real plus when selling from a distance. 

Think like an advertising wiz: Tech-savvy buyers now expect more when they're perusing the Internet for a new place. A good real estate agent knows how to effectively market your home online. 

Help you cash in on local deals: Many real estate professionals have local community connections offering discounts, coupons, and other goodies to those buying into a new area. 

Develop your home’s designer potential: Home staging has come into its own, and many real estate pros offer this service at minimal cost to the seller. 

For more information about services provided by real estate agents, contact me today!

Source: Yahoo! Real Estate

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